Millennial Myths

Millennials prefer to get all their information online. This is just one of the myths Sappi evaluates in a newly released promotion. As part of a new series that will explore and explain marketing strategies for targeted audiences, our first edition, Verticals: The Marketing of Higher Education unpacks established ideas about higher education marketing and challenges designers and marketers to consider new perspectives and new opportunities to reach students, parents, donors and alumni.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve uncovered in this category— According to a 2015 multi-country study, an overwhelming 92% of college students surveyed said they prefer reading in print over any form of electronic media. Respondents explained that a physical printed piece has less distractions than viewing material online and results in less eye strain and headaches. With nearly 5,000 institutions of higher education in the U.S. alone, the competition to attract bright, highly motivated students is intense. Today’s colleges and universities are at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge information delivery platforms and arriving at an effective balance between print, digital, and social media. The availability of big data today gives marketing strategists the opportunity to look at patterns, trends, and associations in analyzing their demographics from every angle. In this new Sappi promotion, The Marketing of Higher Education, you’ll have access to helpful statistics, the college admittance funnel, examples of successful cross-channel communications, and the myths and facts of marketing higher education. Order your very own copy of this promotion here. Want more? Whether you design in-house at a College or University or work for a firm that assists in the production of academic recruitment materials email us to schedule an in-person presentation where we can dive deep into the material. Does that make sense?

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