Making Memorable Brands

Did you know that paper has a unique ability to leave a lasting brand impression?

It turns out we are more likely to remember something we read on paper than something we read on the screen. And it’s not just me telling you this, scientists have pinpointed three reasons for this:

  • Paper makes content more intuitively navigable. From our earliest days, we are taught to interact with printed materials. Not only are we trained to relate and understand print, but, it seems that we also have an innate connection with the thought process involved. Paper facilitates better mental “mapping.” When you read a message on paper, your brain shifts into a deeper level of engagement that helps you retain information.
  • Paper drains fewer of our cognitive resources, making retention easier.
  • Physical media, particularly paper, is more likely to lead to knowledge retention and longevity.

So, here is the thing, paper is proven to get your brand into the heads of your customers. When they read your message on paper, their brains shift into a deeper level of engagement, one more conducive to building—and retaining—knowledge. A number of studies have found that communication through physical media, particularly paper, is more likely to lead to knowledge retention and longevity than communication via digital media.

“People understand and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on screen. Researchers think the physicality of papers explains this discrepancy.”

Ferris Jabr, “Why the Brain Prefers Paper,” Scientific American October 2013

And that’s not all- paper not only increases reader recall but, high-quality paper increases brand preference. You can dig more deeply into this topic on the new Sappi POP site where we share content, video and study results, as well as access to printed materials that you can order. Take a look and find out how you, too, can craft a memorable message for your brand.

Does that make sense?

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