Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists, with it all things are possible - Ida Tarbell

This past year, through Sidebar, I've been honored to share ideas about design, thoughts about printing and paper and reflections on art, creativity and perception. As you know, I've been interested in uncovering new ideas about how we process visual and editorial information—color, shape, form, typography and grammar—to find meaning that can support marketing efforts, build brands, drive social change and, ultimately, enrich our human experience.

At year’s end I like to think about the future and typically review JWT: The Future 100. JWTIntelligence, the group that puts out the report annually, is a center for thinking that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist. This year’s report highlights cultural, economic and behavioral trends including the resurgence of Feminism, a new take on brands (“do brands” and “me brands”), the importance of social impact and sustainability, as well the new ways that we will shop and travel. Not only will these trends influence how we are asked to use our design skills to communicate with our clients’ customers, but they’ll also inform what mediums and methods we select to make their messages clear. As we look ahead at the year to come, I’ll be excited to explore these trends, as well a wide array of design and printing techniques that are on the horizon. And, I’ll be happy to go on that journey of discovery with you. Our team here has recently set up a way for you to ask questions, comment on ideas and let me know what creative concerns are driving your work. I’ll do my best to address these issues and can’t wait to establish a vibrant dialogue. If you’d like start a conversation, I welcome your thoughts! Please drop me a line at

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