Changing Channels

At this time of year “resolution” is synonymous with “change”. We wish to lose weight, increase our exercise regime or improve our skills. For me, resolution is such a funny word as it’s mostly been a reference to the quality of images and output for printing. That said, even I make plans every year for the things I would like to focus on in the coming year. The most important issue for me in 2015 is twofold. First, I want to ensure that I am effectively communicating with creative professionals in order to inspire and educate. And, second I want to make certain that I am uncovering and sharing valuable information by tapping into new technology, techniques and concepts.

As a public speaker I've always had the platform I need to educate, train and consult with—and for—clients. And yet, over the past years, I've found that it’s equally important to communicate through all of the channels that are available to me and are important to my audience. So, this coming year, I’ll be working hard to utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, this blog to share information about topics that are close to my heart and interesting to our constituency. As you might have read in an earlier post, we now have an email address so that you can ask questions and suggest new topics to explore. There are so many interesting pools of information that I’m excited to jump into. Sappi, too, will have some terrific new materials to share. The Standard 6 will launch this spring as the next installment in our popular and important inspirational and educational series for creative professionals. 2015 is the 15th anniversary of our gold-standard grant program, Ideas that Matter, so we’ll be celebrating some of our past successes and future goals. And, together we’ll be exploring neuroscientific research in the field of haptics—how our brain processes information delivered to it by our five senses. As technology grows I’m finding this research very informative as we all try to find ways to effectively communicate with our peers. Sappi, and I, have a lot to share with you in 2015!

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