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Sappi Matane™ pulp, produced at Sappi's Matane Mill in Matane, Quebec, is a high-quality, high-yield bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp (BCTMP) made from either Aspen or Maple hardwood. Sappi’s Matane Mill has been producing some of the finest BCTMP for over 20 years and has an outstanding reputation for quality and uniformity.

The Matane Mill is a state-of-the-art pulp mill producing 270,000 tons per year of high-quality, high-yield Aspen and Maple BCTMP.

Sappi Matane™ Aspen pulp is a high-yield fiber with good bulk and excellent brightness and drainage. Sappi Matane™ Aspen is a good fit in tissue as well as printing and writing grades of paper. Sappi Matane™ Maple is a high-yield pulp with superior bulk and drainage properties, as well as excellent opacity and formation. Sappi Matane™ Maple is an excellent fiber for tissue and toweling as well as paperboard and linerboard products. 

Sappi's Matane Mill is certified in accordance with the leading global sustainable forestry chain-of-custody (CoC) systems: The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC-C014955) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC/29-31-10). FSC® or PEFC CoC product claims are available upon request, pending availability of credits.

Sappi Matane™ pulp comes in six bale units of flash dried pulp. Each bale weighs approximately 400- 450 lbs (180-205 kg).

Learn more about Sappi’s sustainable forestry certifications.
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