Global business strategy

Calendar 2020 was the final year of our strategic 2020Vision:

Through intentional evolution we will continue to grow Sappi into a profitable and cash-generative, diversified woodfibre group—focused on dissolving pulp (DP), paper and products in adjacent fields.


Measuring our progress

Guided by our strategy, we measure our progress holistically against our mission, collaborating and partnering with stakeholders as we strive to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with an exciting future in woodfibre.

Find a detailed analysis of our progress on the key strategic objectives here.

During the year we finalised the strategy for the next five-year period, ending 2025, and have named this Thrive25. The revised strategy does not meaningfully change our focus or chosen path; however, it embeds sustainability and innovation at the core of our focus and reflects the changing markets and economic conditions we are experiencing at the start of the new decade.
Sir Nigel Rudd, Chairman and Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited
Details of our new strategy – Thrive25
While we’re proud of all we’ve achieved and learnt over the past 80 years, we know that a proud history doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future. To thrive as a business, we need to embrace the future and respond to the megatrends that continue to shape our world with a view to be more resilient and adaptive. That’s why we’re proud to launch our new strategy – Thrive25 – designed to deliver value for our stakeholders in a constantly evolving world.
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Our global activity extends to three continents, selling millions of tons of high quality products to customers all over the world.