Latest financial results

​Latest financial results

Sappi Limited (JSE: SAP, OTC: SPPJY) released its results for the fourth fiscal quarter ended September 2016 on Thursday, 10 November 2016 at 09:00 (South African time).

Among the highlights were:

Highlights for the Year

  • EBITDA excluding special items up 18% to US$739 million (FY15 US$625 million)
  • Profit for the period up 91% to US$319 million (FY15 US$167 million)
  • EPS excluding special items up 68% to 57 US cents (FY15 34 US cents)
  • Net debt US$1,408 million, down 20% or US$363 million year-on-year
  • Dividend of 11 US cents declared

Highlights for the Quarter

  • EBITDA excluding special items US$209 million (Q4 FY15 US$201 million)
  • Profit for the period up 35% to US$112 million (Q4 FY15 US$83 million)
  • EPS excluding special items 18 US cents (Q4 FY15 16 US cents)

You can download and view all of the latest results below, alongside our annual reports for 2015.

Contact – Head Office
Graeme Wild
Group Head IR and Sustainability
48 Ameshoff Street
Braamfontein 2001
South Africa
+27 (0)11 407 8111
+27 (0)11 403 1493
Contact – North America
Robert V Rosenthal
Investor Relations Manager
255 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
United States of America
+1 617 423 5413
+1 617 423 5494

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