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Sappi Limited (JSE: SAP, OTC: SPPJY) released its financial results for Q4 and full FY18 to end September 2018 on Thursday, 15 November 2018 at 09:00 (South African time).

Financial summary for Q4 and full FY18 to end September 2018:

  • EBITDA excluding special items
    • For the quarter US$224 million (Q4 FY17 US$221 million)
    • For the year US$762 million (FY17 US$785 million)
  • Profit for the period
    • For the quarter US$107 million (Q4 FY17 US$102 million)
    • For the year US$323 million (FY17 US$338 million)
  • EPS excluding special items
    • For the quarter 19 US cents (Q4 FY17 19 US cents)
    • For the year 60 US cents (FY17 64 US cents)
  • Net debt US$1,568 million (FY17 US$1,322 million) 
  • Dividend of 17 US cents declared (FY17 15 US cents)


Commenting on the results, Sappi Chief Executive Officer Steve Binnie said: “I am very satisfied that we have delivered results for the year in line with that of the prior year, notwithstanding the downtime related to the completion of several large strategic growth projects. These projects facilitated a further shift in the product mix of the group towards higher margin and growth segments.”

Reflecting on the fourth quarter, Binnie indicated: “We delivered increased earnings having resolved the third quarter production challenges and benefited from higher graphic paper prices and stable demand across most product categories. To further build and strengthen our market leading position, during the quarter we launched the Verve brand as the umbrella brand for our DWP products, emphasising Sappi’s commitment to producing a natural fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests.”

Binnie confirmed that: “Strong market demand for dissolving wood pulp (DWP) and speciality and packaging papers ensured our production capacity in these grades was fully utilised, further supporting our decision to invest in additional capacity in these business segments. We were also able to reduce net finance costs by 15% due to lower average debt levels during the year.

I am also pleased that we have been able to declare an increased dividend of 17 US cents.”

Turning to the next quarter, Binnie stated: “Having completed the significant projects in 2018 to convert paper machines to higher margin and growing packaging grades, in addition to the debottlenecking of both Saiccor and Ngodwana Mills, we expect EBITDA in the first quarter of financial year 2019, given current exchange rates, to be comfortably higher than that of 2018.”

You can download and view all of the latest financial results below, alongside our 2018 Annual Integrated Report.

Q4 FY18 Financial results booklet (Interactive)
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2018 Sappi Annual Integrated Report (Interactive)
Click the link above to browse the interactive version of our 2018 Sappi Annual Integrated Report.
We believe that our leading position in the dissolving wood pulp (DWP) market offers us exciting growth prospects into the future.
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