Annual reports

Four years into our strategic 2020Vision we have made good progress towards improving profitability, cash generation and growth.

You can read more about how this strategy continued to make 2019 a success—and how it will underpin future development—in our annual reports for the year. See also previous years’ reports for an insight into how our business is evolving.

  Browse our interactive 2019 Sappi Annual Integrated Report here.
Calendar 2019 was the fourth year of our strategic 2020Vision and was one in which we expected to make further progress in improving profitability and cash generation via the shift into faster-growing and more profitable segments. This was supported by our investments to convert Somerset PM1 and the Maastricht Mill to paperboard, and the DWP debottlenecking projects at Cloquet, Saiccor and Ngodwana Mills. Market conditions, however, for each of our major segments deteriorated in 2019 and attaining our 2020 financial goals became more challenging.
Sir Nigel Rudd, Chairman and Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer, Sappi Limited
Robert V Rosenthal
Investor Relations Manager
255 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
United States of America
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