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August 30 - September 1, 2017 - Shanghai, China
July 17-21, 2017 - Los Angeles, California
May 16-19, 2017 - Cologne, Germany
Sappi Limited (JSE: SAP, OTC: SPPJY) will release its results for the second fiscal quarter on Monday, 15 May 2017.
PDF icon03 Q1 2017 Results Invitation [Read-Only].pdf (168.54 KB)
Sappi Cup Team 1 - C.Cioli and M.Caruso - La Terra Promessa
Sappi Cup Team 1 - C.Cioli and M.Caruso - La Terra Promessa Sappi Europe welcomed this year’s 13 qualifying teams to Brussels, Belgium to compete for the Sappi Cup Table Football Tournament title on 20th April 2017.
Guard Giveaway Waffelpack
Guard Giveaway Waffelpack Sappi is to publicly unveil the initial results of its successful intensive and close collaboration with the Felix Schoeller Group at Interpack 2017, in Hall 9, Stand D19.
The sudden and continuing sharp rise in input costs, particularly pulp and latex, make corrective pricing measures inevitable.
First release paper to impart natural bacterial resistance recognized as a game-changing material for the furniture industry.
New Project Shares Powerful Industry Marketing Techniques, Beginning with Higher Education
March 28 - March 29, 2017 - Hamburg, Germany