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Company Used Funds to Replace Headbox on Paper Machine.
Due to continuing input cost increases Sappi is forced to continue passing on this cost inflation by increasing its LWC and MWC grades prices by 6-8% from January 1st 2018 for all markets.
Newest promotional piece highlights importance of capturing customer attention through impactful direct mail.
Continuous sharp input cost rises since the beginning of the year, particularly pulp prices, have now increased to a point where Sappi can no longer absorb them . Therefore Sappi Europe today announces price increases for all Packaging and Speciality Papers with effect of January 1st, 2018.
Ten design projects to receive funds to implement campaigns for social good through print mediums.
Company’s Cloquet Mill Recognized for Impact on the Community, Economy.
Winning Entry, “Verticals: The Marketing of Higher Education,” Announced at the PRINT 17 Exhibition and Conference.
Due to an unexpected further sharp rise in raw material prices, Sappi Europe is forced to continue passing on this cost inflation by increasing its WFU and WFC Sheets and Reels grade prices from October 2017 onwards by 5-8%.
Global Product Line Provides Unique Possibilities and New Packaging Concepts.
Sappi Limited is pleased to announce that it will bolster its biorefining expertise through the acquisition of the Xylex® and Versalac® technologies owned by Plaxica Limited.