Century of Progress

For more than a century, Sappi’s mission has remained the same—to make the finest products that allow the world to communicate better and more beautifully. And, through various means and incarnations, our message has also stayed the same throughout the years—to provide our customers with the best educational resources to support their work.

When it comes to making the most of readily available print technologies, Sappi has a strong and long history of helping printers and creatives make smart decisions. Our go-to resources, vetted by experience, have created a leading space for Sappi as an upholder of conventional standards and originator of new ideas. This rich heritage of tradition and innovation infuses our customer service approach and is the source of inspiration for our educational publications. We solidified our legacy in 1924 with The Warren Standard, Number 1 to address, up close and personal, the issues that printers might experience on press. Our goal was to help customers get the best printing results from our papers—something we continue to do today. Furthering that tradition, we’ve reinstated The Standard series more than 90 years after its debut, most recently, with The Standard 6, which extends Sappi’s original communications tool by showing and telling what can be produced in today’s environment using our paper. Want to take a stroll down memory lane? Most of Sappi’s work of the past 150 years can be reviewed in a new online tool called The Reflected Works. This resource shares the Sappi story of paper and printing through a collection of Advertising, Education and Promotion pieces from 1910-1969. It’s fully searchable, downloadable and enjoyable. By looking back through the pages, we can look forward to a future of exciting possibilities. Does that make sense?

Sappi etc.

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