A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Image courtesy of Sun Chemical

As Sappi’s education and training lead, I find that clients, customers and audiences are more receptive to ideas and concepts when I present using physical materials. It turns out I’m not the only one who relies on printed examples to sell ideas or products. The team from Sun Chemical does, too.

To highlight their products the design team concepted and produced a condensed piece on Opus with 10 perforated tear-off cards that highlighted examples of special effects possible with Sun Chemical products—a citrus scent wafting from a photo of an orange juice carton; a glitter coating to bring out the golden flecks of a sugary cereal on its product packaging; a soft touch coating to lend a sensory experience to an ad for leather boots. 

And, in tracking leads through their CRM tool using a QR code on the back, the company has seen a new audience open up beyond the traditional scope of printers. The specialty cards have become a sales enablement tool for designers, brand managers and all members of the supply chain.

Heather Buchholz, Marketing Program Manager for Sun Chemical told us, “The audience has really widened as we’ve moved forward and opened up a bigger opportunity for us to highlight our offering.” She added, “Designers can look at these samples we’ve shared when they’re coming up with ideas. Did they know they could use rainbow glitter on something?”

They do now. And you can learn more about this project here.

“They can see what’s possible to achieve,” she said. “Really a picture is worth a thousand words. Being able to touch, feel and interact with something really has helped us move forward. It turned out to be a win-win on all sides.” 

Does that make sense?

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