A Successful Marriage


There is nothing more inspiring than a happy marriage. In celebration, I’m sharing an effective marriage of technology and ink on paper, one that I really like.

When I found the Ink app by Sincerely Inc., (Sincerely.com/ink) I felt a certain kind of joy—one that celebrates print AND the ease of instant gratification that technology often delivers. While the idea of marrying the capability of your phone with the ability to send a greeting card seems like a logical and sensible idea, I hadn’t yet experienced a service that was so seamless.

Ink is a phone app that allows you to choose a greeting card, upload a photo from your phone (or not), personalize a message to the recipient and then schedule printing and mailing—all within 5 minutes. There are over 500 options to choose from, covering holidays, thank you, miss you, get well soon and a myriad of other types of greeting card communications.

Here’s why I like it so much. You can upgrade to heavier paper stock, a nice envelope, and a stamp to make the message feel more substantial. Or you can send a postcard with a presort indicia on it. And all of this happens from your phone, delivering directly to the recipient’s mailbox in less than 8 days.

The ease of connecting an app on your phone to the act of sending a card to someone takes out multiple steps—going to the store, buying the card, writing the message, putting on the postage, and dropping it in the mailbox. So, with my travel schedule (more than 200 days per year), I can take care of all my cards while sitting in the airport lounge awaiting my almost always delayed flight. I can personalize cards by using my own images and including a custom message.

But what I really like is how easy it makes sending those thank you notes quickly and efficiently (the same day!) and getting that ‘to do’ off my list.

The Ink app creates plenty of reasons to send your message on paper. Does that make sense?

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