Sweet Sixteen.

16 years. 5840 days. 9 years for an elephant. 112 in dog years. And, for a paper grade, withstanding the changes in printing technology, the culture of design and creativity, and the paper industry, what seemed like a nanosecond is a lifetime! That’s why, this year, we raise our glasses and toast Sappi’s premium sheet, McCoy. Happy Sweet 16!

With quality ingredients, side-to-side consistency, fade resistance and an amazing environmental pedigree, I’m proud to say that McCoy is—well—the real McCoy. Sappi McCoy is the real thing, the genuine article. At the HOW Design Live Conference from May 12-16, Sappi explored the Real McCoy concept in two unique ways. First we were lucky to connect with one of the conference keynote speakers, Bob Gill. Bob has had a long, stellar career as a designer, art director, illustrator, founding partner of Pentagram, author, and teacher. His list of accomplishments is long and deep. Sappi reprinted one of his iconic illustrations on McCoy and offered a limited edition poster to attendees at the conference. It was amazing to see folks line up for his signature, his photo, or just to say hi. Talk about the Real McCoy. Then, we had some Twitter fun. We asked folks who stopped by the Sappi booth to tell us who represents the “Real McCoy” for them. While the responses represent a moment in time, it was interesting to see that folks drew mostly from their past and called out designers and leaders who inspire them: “My real McCoy is my father. He introduced me to Norman Rockwell and how to draw tanks and jeeps when I was a kid.” “My 1st art teacher, Mark Mulfinger is the Real McCoy” “Who’s my real McCoy they ask? The truly authentic Aaron Draplin” While there were many responses my favorite was— “#sappirealmccoy is…ink on paper. Old school, intimate, lasting. The best way to market.” Who is your real McCoy? To participate, tweet your answer to @sappiNA. Follow Daniel: Twitter: @danielatSappi Facebook: daniel.dejan.52 LinkedIn: in/danieldejan Visit the Sappi site to download the swatchbook, or request McCoy samples from sappisamples.com.

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