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I know it’s an overused statement, but I’m a people person. I enjoy meeting, chatting with, and getting to know individuals at conferences, events and graphic arts gatherings, and of course, at our Sappi etc.® workshops. I especially appreciate conversations with designers, production managers, print buyers, printers, graphic arts journalists, bloggers, and columnists; those kindred spirits with a passion for paper and print. And you can imagine that after many of these gathering I receive invitations to be connected, Friended, Linked, Pinned, or to follow on Twitter or Instagram. Great YouTube links, pictures, articles, and ideas are sent my way. And because I am on the road 200 days per year these technologies are, for me, an amazing way to stay connected with colleagues all over North America. Those connections help me keep pace with the industry and understand issues that are important to my clients.

Apart from making connections, I also find that social media allows me to “connect back” with colleagues, friends and acquaintances. How? By personally endorsing their skills on LinkedIn. This raises the question--who's really looking at these endorsements? The easy answer is everyone, though in reality those researching endorsements want to know something more about you—something not included in a resume or a C.V. Looking to select a new printer or find a design firm or freelancer? There are things you can find out from LinkedIn that don’t show up on the company website or in a portfolio. Today, more and more companies and recruiters consider LinkedIn and similar social media in the hiring process. Why? Because these channels include information that cannot be communicated in any other way and, more importantly, reveal the “social” side of the equation--how well you interact with others. The ability to look up someone’s profile online and see recommendations and endorsements can strongly influence your impression of that person, lend insight into a company, or might just tip the scale on who you call back for a project, a new job, or the next campaign So, why did I personally endorse you? I want folks who are checking you out to know that I think highly of you as do all the other people who are endorsing you. Follow Daniel: Twitter: @danielatSappi Facebook: daniel.dejan.52 LinkedIn: in/danieldejan

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