Lanaken Mill

Lanaken Mill produces a variety of pulp and high-quality coated woodfree papers.

Lanaken Mill, situated on the Albert Canal in north-eastern Belgium, is an integrated mill that produces chemi thermo-mechanical pulp (CTMP) on the basis of sawmill waste and tree prunings from durable forest maintenance. That way the mill is over 60% self-sufficient in the needs of fibre. The CTMP mill uses pre-heated woodchips to produce a strong, rich-in-fibre pulp that is bleached with peroxide. The result is a wood containing pulp of the highest quality that is subsequently blended with purchased, chlorine-free, chemical pulp. Lanaken Mill is an integrated pulp and paper mill that produces various kinds of fine coated papers for HSWO-printing (HSWO-printing: heat-set web offset).


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Montaigneweg 2
Industriezone 2 020
3620 Lanaken
BTW BE 0420.732.352 - RPR Tongeren
Sofie Collier
Communication Responsible
+32 (0)89 71 9921

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Working at Lanaken Mill
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Working at Lanaken Mill

Sappi Lanaken Mill is committed to producing excellent paper on a daily basis. And although paper is an everyday product, people tend to forget that its manufacture is highly complex, requiring extensive knowledge and experience. For this reason, we give our employees the opportunity to learn and grow in their profession. People are the most important link in our production process, they make the difference!

Sappi Lanaken Mill is an exciting work environment. Our production process begins with the unloading of the timber and it only ends for us when reaching a satisfied customer. Together with your colleagues you are constantly updating and optimising our products and our production process in multidisciplinary project teams. Solving problems together, realising projects together and then experiencing together the satisfaction of meeting the goals set. Only together you will succeed and that is why collaboration and collegiality are very important to us.


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Lanaken Mill and our community

Within the town of Lanaken, Sappi is one of the largest employers. Respectful of its surroundings Sappi Lanaken Mill does everything to minimise the impact on the environment and neighbourhood. For example, the water used for the production process is purified in our own wastewater treatment plant, Sappi Lanaken Mill has its own cogeneration facility, and most raw materials are delivered by ship.

Eco-effectiveness is very important for Sappi and we are proud that Sappi Lanaken Mill and its employees respectfully deal with the environment and the surroundings.

Sappi Lanaken Mill regularly publishes an internal magazine that highlights activities and provides background information on various projects.

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