​Generate green energy with biogas - Lanaken Mill

Yes, I care.

Because it is important to think carefully about how we use and generate energy. Organically polluted waste water left over from the pulp production process can be converted into biogas and used to generate electricity.

A change in our production pattern led to a decrease in organic pollution in our waste water, prompting us to adopt a new approach. We changed to a dual fuel operation with gas motors running on bio- or natural gas. This change has helped us to use our biogas more effectively, and to reduce the amount of natural gas used; it also gives us more flexibility in a highly volatile energy market.

The green energy generated with the biogas is equivalent to the average electricity requirement of 1500 households. We received Green Electricity and Combined Heat and Power certificates for our efforts. It’s a great outcome for Sappi and for the environment.

I make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Erik Coenen, Supervisor Raw Materials / Utilities, Lanaken Mill.