​Eco-Effective stories

Every eco-effective action, no matter how big or how small, makes a difference. The collection of stories that we have compiled show how this can be done.

Changing the way we do things at the waste water treatment at Sappi's Alfeld Mill to save electricity.
Because everyone, and everything deserves a second chance at Sappi's Gratkorn Mill.
Every year Sappi Stockstadt reduces its energy requirements by at least 2%.
‘Sustainability in Sappi France’ is the name used by a group of like-minded colleagues who have come together to improve the environment in which they work.
Simplifying the flow of internal wood traffic at Sappi's Stockstadt Mill.
Raising money by recycling plastic bottle tops at Sappi Budapest Sales office.
Generate green energy with biogas at Sappi's Lanaken Mill.
Stronger, more durable pallets carrier heavier loads and supporting the environment at Sappi's Hannover Sales office.
Optimising train loading capacity and how an environmentally friendly project can reduce costs at Sappi's Gratkorn Mill.
Reporting measures that make energy consumption transparent for everybody, involving all employees at Sappi's Lanaken Mill.
Producing our standard high quality paper without a cooling hood whilst saving energy and money at Sappi's Ehingen Mill.
Changing ferry port and using a new warehouse has resulted in a faster, more flexible service, yet no increase in CO2 emissions by Sappi's Wesel Logistics.
Directing waste water through additional heat exchangers which supply four hectares of greenhouses while reducing CO2 emissions at Sappi's Gratkorn's Mill.
A minor investment to adjust pipes at Sappi's Kirkniemi Mill resulted in overall cost savings and a huge reduction in wasted coating colour.
Optimising our transport to reduce Co2 emissions at Sappi's Wesel Logistics Center.
How to decrease coating colour waste by more than 85% at Stockstadt Mill.
By changing transport methods Sappi's Alfeld Mill and Wesel Logistics Center reduced CO2 emissions, costs, and shortened delivery times for it's customers.
An inlet bleed heating system enabled Sappi's Maastricht Mill to turn down the gas turbine to it's actual needs and reducing it's gas consumption.
How innovation helps Sappi Europe to challenge the status quo, to re-think the way we do things, and to find ways of being effective in an efficient way.
Identifying leaks at an earlier stage ensures better oil consumption management, less waste and reduced environmental risks at Sappi's Kirkniemi Mill.
Sappi's Gratkorn Mill launched the “Sappi = your neighbour” programme to help nurture acceptance, trust and an overall understanding about what they do.
How Sappi's Budapest Sales office contributed to jumpstarting the local eco-system by planting 100 saplings.
How software at Sappi's Kirkniemi Mill calculates the water balance status to support waste water flow management and the performance of the effluent plant.
Upgrading waste management process – Kirkniemi Mill
Simplified logistics around waste collection has also generated benefits with reduced traffic, improved safety and reduced logistic costs at Kirkniemi Mill.
How Sappi’s UK team spent a day in the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve helping to maintain the wildlife garden.
‘Recycled History’ is an innovative competition hosted and designed by Ipress Center in Vác, Hungary, to encourage children to investigate and recreate the history of their town through the medium of waste paper and board.
The “We are with you” drawing competition for Vac-based children and teenagers, run by Hungarian printing house IPress Center and supported by Garay Graphic Arts Studio, challenge students to think and draw on and about paper.
How Stockstadt Mill has surpassed its target and reduced the fresh water demand for its uncoated paper line.
Implementing a new optimisation system at Ehingen to help reducing the Phosphorous levels in the water.
Managing the way in which we clean water used in pulp production to reduce our impact on the environment.
How Sappi Stockstadt Mill employees make their working day healthier and their carbon footprint lighter!
How Sappi Gratkorn helps the city of Graz to save energy.
How Sappi Ehingen Mill reduce pallet wrapping film and eventual customer’s waste.
How Sappi Stockstadt Mill lower NOx boilers by using different liquor burners.