Reducing pallet wrapping film – Ehingen Mill

Yes, we care.

Because it is possible to reduce the amount of film used to cover pallets of paper for shipment.  By lowering the film thickness and optimising the wrapping processes in the finishing department we have been able to decrease the amount of film used to pack paper pallets about to be shipped out.
The protective wrapping film can be cut more precisely resulting in saving 35.4 tons of film per year and reducing the volume of eventual waste for our customers. The new process still ensures that the goods arrive at the customer safely and well protected.
The initiative was the result of in-house lean updates and active brainstorming amongst colleagues. Encouraging cost reduction while protecting the environment have always driven our decisions.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Karen McLean, Martin Finkbeiner and Josef Rechtsteiner, Finishing Department, Sappi Ehingen Mill.