Supplying Graz city with green energy - Gratkorn Mill

Yes, I care.

As district heating from combined heat and power is one of the smartest and environmentally friendly ways to heat, Sappi Gratkorn Mill has become a partner with local energy provider Bioenergie Wärmeservice GmbH (BWS). The industrial waste-heat produced by Gratkorn Mill will be supplied to Energie Graz for the next 20 years and will be used to keep 18,000 households in the Austrian city of Graz warm.

The excess heat is transported to Graz via 9 km underground pipes and at a temperature of 120°C. It is fed into the city’s existing heating system.

As a result of the mill’s efficiently combined heat and power plant, and the utilisation of this heat source, the total CO2 emissions of the city of Graz are reduced by 20,000 tons each year. Launched in 2017, the project has been very successful and the supply of Sappi’s heat for the district is increasing.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Anton Mercina, Thomas Ladinek, Bruno Hutter, Utilities & Energy Team, Gratkorn Mill.