Reducing PM1's energy consumption - Stockstadt Mill

Yes, we care.

Because reducing our energy consumption needs to be kept top of mind. Every year Sappi Stockstadt reduces its energy requirements by at least 2 %. It’s a priority for the PM1 Team, who are constantly looking for new ways to make an impact. Regular optimization of the PM1 wire section has led to a significant 30% reduction in operating power – the equivalent of 5 kWh per tonne of paper in savings.

By replacing and frequently monitoring the PM1’s vacuum system, a further reduction in energy consumption of 57% was achieved in the wire and press section. This equates to savings of yet another 30 kWh per tonne of paper.

This continued focus on reducing our energy consumption has helped us raise the standard in our industry. Stockstadt’s PM1 is recognized as being the paper machine with the specifically lowest electricity demand in a worldwide comparison with 48 other paper machines for uncoated paper. Great teamwork and collaborative thinking have helped us achieve this position.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Horst Brehm, Hartmut Schreck, Jochen Hahn and Sascha Urban, Manufacturing Team Uncoated Paper, Stockstadt Mill.