​Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging

Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging operates four mills and has a production capacity of 86,000 m³ sawn timber, 660,000 tons of paper and 645,000 tons of paper pulp per annum.

We have a tradition of innovating and developing new products to meet local demand for sawn timber, newsprint, graphic papers, packaging papers used to protect our customers’ products (especially in the agricultural sector) and speciality papers used in convenience food, confectionery, cosmetic and luxury markets, and tissue paper for household, medical and industrial use in the Southern Africa region.

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Ngodwana Mill produces paper pulp for its own consumption, as well as newsprint, kraft papers, kraft linerboard and dissolving pulp.

Stanger Mill produces pulp for its own consumption, as well as office paper and tissue paper.

Tugela Mill produces pulp for its own consumption, as well as corrugating medium (containerboard) and lignosulphonate.

Lomati Sawmill, established in 1971, is a manufacturing plant that produces kiln dried Southern African pine lumber from sawlogs supplied by Sappi Forests.

Sappi Forests own and lease 400,000 hectares (ha) of land, of which ~261,000 ha is planted and ~139,000 ha is unplanted natural areas.
Sappi’s Research, Planning and Nurseries department enables the cost effective and sustainable supply of suitable forest resources to the business.

Sappi ReFibre is Sappi Southern Africa’s secondary fibre division and is responsible for the recycling of used paper and paper products.

Technology is at the heart of our business – discover how we’re making breakthroughs and discoveries that enrich lives.