Sappi Southern Africa Executive Committee

The Sappi Southern Africa Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Alex Thiel

Alex Thiel (59)*
Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Southern Africa
BSc (Mechanical Engineering), MBA (Financial Management and Information Technology)

Pramy Moodley

Pramy Moodley (44)
Chief Financial Officer of Sappi Southern Africa

Mpho Lethoko

Mpho Lethoko (38)
General Manager Communications of Sappi Southern Africa
BA (Corporate Communications), PGDip (General Management), MBA

Fergus Marupen

Fergus Marupen (55)*
Group Head Human Resources of Sappi Limited
BA Hons (Psychology), BEd (Education Management), MBA, LCOR

Pat McGrady

Pat McGrady (63)
Vice President Manufacturing, R&D and Engineering of Sappi Southern Africa
BSc (Electrical Engineering), GCC (Factories), EDP

Nat Maelane

Nat Maelane (61)
Chief Procurement Officer of Sappi Southern Africa
MDP, Senior Executive Programme, MSc (Procurement and Operations) 

Tyrone Hawkes

Tyrone Hawkes (53)
Vice-President Business Development and Sustainability of Sappi Southern Africa
BCom Hons, CA(SA)

Graeme Wild

Graeme Wild (48)
Vice President Sales and Marketing of Sappi Southern Africa
BSc (Forestry), MBA

Gary Bowles

Gary Bowles (60)*
Group Head Technology of Sappi Limited
BSc (Electrical Engineering), GCC, PR Eng, PMD, EDP

Duane Roothman

Duane Roothman (48)
Vice-President of Sappi Forests
BSc (Forestry), MBA


* Member of Group Executive Committee.
All ages as at 31 December 2020.

Sappi is committed to high standards of corporate governance which form the foundation for the long-term sustainability of our company and creation of value for our stakeholders.
Alex Thiel, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Southern Africa