Why choose Sappi?​

By working with the SNA Lake States Forestry Program team, you can be assured that our professional forestry staff will:

  • Work with you to meet your objectives for your woodland
  • Maximize the return on your timber investment, by identifying the highest value markets
  • Guarantee consistent payment
  • Maximize the biological productivity of your woodland
  • Work with reputable and Certified Logger Program (CLP) trained timber harvesting contractors that carry worker's compensation and liability insurance.
  • Help you navigate all town, state and federal rules and regulations

Why should I consider forest management?

Forest management can often accelerate the growth of your timber, meaning your trees become available for harvest on more frequent intervals. When forests are left unmanaged, crown canopies close in and the stands become denser, creating competition between the trees for resources like sunlight, water, and nutrients. Also, an unmanaged forest can lead to forest pest or fire risk. When these stands undergo forest management, more room is created for the remaining trees to grow due to less competition for the needed resources. The result is greater diameter growth in the remaining trees until the crown canopy closes again.

The tree cookie shown above was in a stand that was left unmanaged until 16 years of age. After the stand was harvested, diameter growth more than tripled. Each year of age, a tree will develop a new growth ring. How wide a ring is (which represents diameter growth), indicates how much a tree grew in any individual year.