The ultimate release paper

The Ultracast product line is the pinnacle of technology. Capturing 100% of the intended texture without relying on mechanical embossing of soft thermoplastic films, Ultracast locks the texture into a robust and durable acrylic matrix; impervious to heat or usage, the texture remains unfazed. No gloss shifts to worry about, no fidelity loss with use, 100% of the intended texture 100% of the time.

Ultracast® Universal

General purpose release paper for the coated fabric market segment. Featuring the chemical compatibility and thermal stability required for today’s single component solvent-based polyurethane (PU) and PVC casting applications it is no surprise that Ultracast Universal is the most widely used release paper globally.

Ultracast NEXUS

The future of high temperature casting

Ultracast NEXUS resists cracking, brittleness, and curling - ensuring consistent results throughout the life of the roll. See how Ultracast NEXUS can fit into your High Temperature PVC and Semi PU, and, with optimal chemistries, 100% PU casting process.

Ultracast® Adva®

Advanced casting technology for solvent and aqueous-based, crosslinked PU chemistries commonly used in athletic footwear and luxury article markets. Ultracast Adva is suitable for all melamine, aziridine, carbodiimide and isocyanate type crosslinkers and is available in every texture offered in Ultracast Universal grade line.

Ultracast® PR/PPR/PRX

High pressure laminate (HPL) presses require an exceptionally resistant paper to maintain texture integrity. Ultracast PR & PPR retain the desired texture under loads exceeding 1200 psi (82.74 bar) up to 425o F (218C) . The Ultracast PPR utilizes a pre-compacted paper to mitigate any fiber show-through, this is important for our flat and high gloss decorative laminate textures. Ultracast PRX offers increased flexibility, lower curl, and lower gloss levels in a select offering of textures.

Ultracast® PRC / PPRC

Developed to meet the demands of a continuous pressure laminate (CPL) machines with a greater degree of mechanical flexibility and moisture stability. Ultracast PRC / PPRC is post dried to 1.5% moisture to eliminate vapor marking on press. The Ultracast PRC family shares all the textures found in Ultracast PR. The same pre-compression of the release paper is available for the flat and high gloss textures in the post-dried under the Ultracast PPRC grade line.

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