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Gratkorn, 25. November 2014

Sappi is investing in Gratkorn Mill’s future paper production with two large-scale projects


Global paper producer Sappi is ensuring its mill in Gratkorn is fit for the future with two technology upgrades: In November 2014, its PM11 paper machine has been upgraded. Furthermore the possible grammage range for coated paper has been increased. In March 2015 a general rebuild of critical parts of the liquor boiler and recovery plant will start. These are essential parts of the pulp production. Key to this upgrade is the positive environmental impact with a decrease in noise pollution and in NOX/SO2 emissions.


Max Oberhumer, Mill Director of Sappi Gratkorn, is very happy with the conclusion of the technology upgrade,“ We successfully finished the first of the two large-scale projects. With the upgraded PM11 we will remain an important Sappi Europe production facility for our global customers. With this new technological concept we have generated key success factors for our future.“


Mat Quaedvlieg, Manufacturing Director of Sappi Europe, points out the importance of the project: “ The only way for european production facilities to survive, is to use innovative technologies. The committed team assembled all of its experience to overcome the challenges faced in realizing the project.  This is an important element in Sappi Europe’s future developement.“


Upgrade of the paper machine PM11

Project aims were to enhance paper quality and to increase the operating windows of Gratkorn’s biggest paper machine. To achieve these aims, extensive rebuilding was required. More than 400 mechanics and engineers worked day and night for over three weeks. This was the only way that the complex and ambitious rebuilding of the 230 meter long paper machine could be managed. More than 100 truckloads of machine parts from Finland, Austria and other european countries were necessary to finish the project. The achieved quality enhancement completely meets expectations. The production of paper meeting all quality standards began almost immediately after the startup of the rebuilt machine.


General rebuild of liquor boiler and recovery plant

In spring 2015 the second large-scale project will commence. The general rebuild of the liquor boiler and recovery plant will take approximately three months. Within this project, essential parts of the liquor boiler and the flue gas cleaning will be replaced. Results of these actions will be a decrease in noise and NOX/SO2 pollutions, as well as assured continued pulp production for the longterm.


These two projects are two of the three large-scale projects that Sappi Europe is undertaking in the 2015 business year.  A total investment of 120 million € will be realised.


About Sappi’s Gratkorn Mill:

Sappi Gratkorn mill is part of Sappi Europe. Annually it produces 990,000 tons of high quality double and triple coated papers which are used for premium quality publications all over the world. Gratkorn mill also produces 250,000 tons of totally chlorine free (TCF) chemical pulp. The mill employs 1240 paper industry professionals from production to R&D. About 95 % of the mill’s production is exported.

The mill operates under management systems consisting of certified Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Energy Management System (ISO 50001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Chain Of Custody Verification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) scheme and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).