Reducing Phosphorous Levels in water - Alfeld Mill

Yes, we care.

Because cleaning the water we use is essential. By managing the way in which we clean water used in pulp production, we can successfully reduce our impact on the environment.

The cleaning agents that we use contain low levels of phosphorous. In the past, irregular cleaning caused peaks of phosphorous in the waste water. By changing from a one-step diffusion-washing process to a two-step process in our pulp production, we have reduced phosphorous levels to 20% below our old permitted level, saving costs at the same time.

Although carefully monitored small amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen are used as nutrients for our biological treatment stage, the new cleaning process ensures that the ecological balance of the river Leine is not affected.

We make Sappi eco-effective. How about you?

Adolf Hümmer, Joachim  Ising, Nils Kuhnhenne, Holger Nees, Jürgen Neher and Frank Kempf, Pulp Production, Alfeld Mill.