Beauty and strength, together in one powerful package that’s perfect for publishers, direct mailers, catalogers and printers alike.

At Somerset, our one-of-a-kind manufacturing process produces sturdy paper with a smooth surface that allows images to pop off the page. The strength of the product translates directly into remarkable on-press efficiency and a heftier, more substantial feel in the finished piece. With Somerset, you always get stunning results that demand your audience’s attention.

1. A new definition of powerful.

Somerset is the only mill that combines papermaking, coating and calendering into a single continuous process. This means a stronger paper with more bulk and fewer splices, which is critical to high volume web printing. The process also creates a smoother surface that allows ink to stay higher up on the paper for superior hold-out and print gloss—delivering rich, arresting imagery and a completely immersive experience.

2. Peace of mind.

Somerset paper is built to withstand the demands of our continuous 4,000-feet-per-minute manufacturing process without breaking, making it the perfect solution for high-intensity printing environments. Its incredible durability means fewer web breaks and less downtime, which also means less hassle and fewer surprise costs. And the Somerset Mill uses three machines—all capable of producing a high volume of multiple weights and finishes—helping to ensure your project comes in on time.

3. A difference you can feel.

Somerset delivers a far more substantial feel when compared to similar basis weight papers. This is critical for publishers and direct mailers because it allows for a lighter weight while maintaining a powerful, tactile experience that your customers will want to keep in their hands longer.

The ideal way to spread the word, Somerset Web is optimized for high-volume printing and offers the best route to reach a big audience.

Available In:

  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Matte