Silicone Base Papers

Sappi’s silicone base papers of CCK and glassine papers are offering exceptional siliconizing properties and easy and efficient processing.

The Sappi Sol range is most commonly used as release liner (carrier paper) for pressure sensitive adhesive applications, such as graphic arts, adhesive tapes, office material, adhesive labels and process liner, such as composites fibres (prepregs).

These paper grades are recyclable and available as FSC and PEFC certified on request. Learn more about our Release liner range >

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Glassine Papers Back to top

A supercalendered glassine paper for siliconisation in three different colors.

A supercalendered glassine paper for siliconisation.

A uncalendered glassine paper for siliconisation.

A supercalendered glassine paper for siliconisation on both sides in multiple colors.

CCK Papers Back to top

Suitable for all coating systems, Algro Sol 81 NC's characteristics make it an ideal carrier for self adhesive labels and stickers.

With a wide range of benefits, these clay coated papers are excellent carrier papers for self-adhesive and plotter films, as well as composites.

With its excellent PE anchorage and high ply bond strengths, Algro Sol PC is a great choice for carrier paper.

Thanks to its smooth, calendered surface and silicone curing properties, Algro Sol PCC is perfectly suited for use as a carrier paper.

A one side clay coated Kraft paper, Algro Sol SNC is ideal for graphic arts, office material and adhesive tapes.