Sappi Casting and Release Announces New Laminate Surface With Superior Aesthetics, Texture and Performance: Arrio™

Innovative process offers consistency, sustainability, functionality and lower costs

BOSTON – (April 26, 2022) - Sappi, a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper, packaging products and dissolving pulp, today launched Arrio, a decorative laminate surface solution that delivers remarkable aesthetics, premium haptics and scratch and fingerprint resistance for high-wear surfaces. By designing Arrio to serve the unmet needs of customers, Sappi will now become the only company that provides high-fidelity, 100% replicated textured finished surfaces available in flat, then expanding to include a 3D texture library over time.

With its durable acrylic surface, Arrio provides extraordinarily detailed, realistic finished surfaces that will eventually support multiple textures and décor colors, gloss effects, varying depths and visible contrast. Sappi’s high-precision manufacturing process generates the exact same surface finish over time without variation or loss of definition. Arrio, which offers a superior surface to conventional melamine in aesthetics and performance, is a perfect solution for decorative and functional surfaces on furniture, work surfaces, kitchen cabinetry and more.

“We are excited to introduce Arrio, which is not a mold that imparts texture, but is the actual finished surface,” said Mark Hittie, Director of Release Strategy, Sappi Casting and Release. “Arrio comes from Sappi’s spirit and core competence: we make texture, we drive texture. It’s another example of Sappi delivering a high-quality and innovative product that outperforms traditional options, reduces cost and opens up a range of possibilities for consumers. We’re also proud that Sappi created Arrio with sustainability in mind. The durable acrylic surface extends product lifetime and does not require application or removal of protective film layers, thus reducing manufacturing costs and waste.”

Unlike surfaces produced with an excimer process, Arrio will offer a uniquely customizable surface texture, including various flat finishes and textures with multiple gloss levels, such as wood or stone designs. The manufacturing process provides 100% consistency, order to order, in texture, gloss, touch and function. Arrio provides a superior solution over existing concepts because of its endless potential for customization. It also provides superior haptics, including super matte, smooth touch and high-color intensity surfaces, and it is suitable for single radius wrapping applications.

Arrio also offers significantly lower investment costs for glued and pressed finished surfaces due to manufacturers’ savings and efficiencies in the handling, shipping and layup processes. Offered initially in a supermatte, fingerprint resistant, soft touch texture called Matte Haven on black décor, the Arrio platform will continue to develop with the future addition of texture and décor color options.

Sappi is also pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Toppan Interamerica as the exclusive distributor of Arrio in the USA and Canada. Headquartered in McDonough, GA and well-established in the North American market, Toppan has over 30 years of experience delivering materials and services in the decorative laminate industry. “We feel this exclusive arrangement will enhance Sappi’s capability to deliver Arrio and assure its seamless delivery, support and market availability.” Patrick Page, Director of Sales, Toppan. This new partnership with Toppan will provide Sappi access to a wider customer base for ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen cabinetry and is a major step forward in building early awareness of Arrio in the North American marketplace.

Sappi’s forward-looking products and textures continue to leverage state-of-the-art technology from its Westbrook Mill in Maine. Sappi has been at the forefront of technological innovation and evolution in the release paper industry with nearly 80 years of experience creating textures.

To request a launch kit for Arrio, please contact your Sappi or Toppan sales representative. To learn more about Arrio and Sappi’s casting and release papers, please visit:

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