The Sappi Ariba Supplier Network strategy

We expect our suppliers to join the Sappi Ariba Supplier Network and transact electronically with us. Your participation in the network will help us move from paper invoicing to using eInvoices.

Key advantages to making use of our solution are:
• Lower process cost: Elimination of paper and process automation
• Better cash flow: Invoices are sent in real time with no delays, and
• Greater visibility into customer processes: Progress of orders, invoices and payments.

We believe that strategic relationships with our suppliers will support our mutual plans for growth and achieve ongoing success.

Please note that as of 16 May 2016 Sappi will start transacting with suppliers through the Sappi Ariba Supplier Network and purchase orders will be delivered electronically. Paper invoices received from these suppliers will not be processed for payment.

Documentation required to register as a Sappi vendor

All suppliers who register on the Sappi Ariba Supplier Network will be required to provide supporting documentation relevant to the region they will transact with. Non-compliance to the requirements or the submission of invalid and/or fraudulent documentation will prevent any further business dealings with Sappi.

Sappi Europe
Not applicable
Sappi Southern Africa
  • Certified copy of company registration document
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • Valid B-BBEE certificate
  • IRP 30/Tax directive/Affidavit

To access the Sappi Ariba Supplier Network, please click here.


Ariba Supplier Support for suppliers who are transacting electronically with Sappi:

United States of America/Canada toll-free: +1 866 31ARIBA (+1 866 312 7422)
North/South America: +1 412 222 6170
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +27 0800 98 1709
Asia Pacific: +65 6311 4585

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