​Sappi 2020Vision

In 2015, Sappi Limited announced a new strategic vision to reshape our business through further diversification.

Our transformation journey is not about radical change. It has been, and continues to be, an intentional evolution of the business—changing to meet market needs and take advantage of growth opportunities. 

Key elements of our group strategy include:

  • Achieving cost advantages
  • Growing through moderate investments
  • Rationalizing declining businesses
  • Generating cash to strengthen the balance sheet
  • Accelerating growth in adjacent businesses

By 2020, we aim for the composition of our group EBIDTA to be balanced such that 25 percent is derived from pack­aging and specialties, 25 percent from graphic papers, 40 percent from dissolving pulp and 10 percent from new business opportunities such as nanocellulose, biorefinery products and energy.

Through ongoing investments in our people and manu­facturing assets, we continue to strengthen our position as a leader in the industry segments we serve.

Making smart decisions and executing with speed are the most powerful elements of our new values statement. We must continue to make sound business decisions—based on market trends and customer needs—and implement those strategies with excellence to achieve our financial goals. Sappi North America holds the key to economic sustainability with the right focus on optimization, diversification and growth.
Annette Luchene - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer