Sappi 2018 Calendar - March Feature

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A delicate and considered embroidery portrait created from a black and white photograph, the image inspires the colours of the palette. The thread of the flowers with a planned line crossed into the portrait and blended together, show that we are all connected through the growth of nature as one.

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Artist: Danielle Clough
Title: Untitled
Material used: Embroidery
Printed on: Sappi Algro Design® Card 255g/m2
Printing technique: Cold foil on flowers and on the fine yellow lines in flower


More about the artist:

Danielle is a fibre artist specialising in embroidery art from South Africa. After graduating from Red and Yellow School of Advertising in 2010, Danielle has experimented in multiple jobs and disciplines, while embroidery remained a consistent hobby. Her vocation as an embroiderer has slowly grown since 2013.

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