Sappi 2018 Calendar - April Feature

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If you teach one child, you educate an entire village, and as the village learns more, so they grow. Inspired by teaching and the benefit it has to a learner's community, this speaks about one child changing the lives of many through a ripple effect of education.

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Artist: Mbongeni Buthelezi
Title: The girl waiting for the school bus
Material used: Melted plastic
Printed on: Algro Design® 240g/m2
Print technique: Hi-Fi colours


More about the artist:

Mbongeni has developed a unique technique of making art. Using discarded plastic, which he melts, and whilst still hot and malleable, paints and stretches onto a thick, roofing-plastic surface, creating an entirely new form of art. Working within realism as well as the abstract, the technique itself is extremely detailed. Mbongeni has had exhibitions and conducted workshops in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and in Europe, amongst others. 

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