Sappi’s Algro Design® Magic Wows at Pro Carton ECMA Awards

Prestigious industry plaudit for pleated packaging Pleats Please L’Élixir

The creative use of pleats in every presentational element of Issey Miyake’s Pleats PleaseL'Élixir ladies perfume created some packaging magic at this year’s Pro Carton / ECMA Award 2014. CD Cartondruck, Germany, used Algro Design to develop the winning entry in the Beauty & Cosmetics category.

“The first contact with the product is through the packaging: ‘magic’ at first sight has to be created between the customer and the packaging. It is a rare experience to see packaging with such a clearly defined message and styling as has been realized with Pleats Please L’Élixir,” stated the award organizers.

The Issey Miyake fashion line has been renowned for its signature pleats for decades. The packaging of Pleats Please L'Élixir features a pleated top, wrapped in a pleated bag and packaging printed showing pleats, but is also embossed to give the feeling of pleats on both the product and the packaging. Sappi’s Algro Design is a bright white carton board and of its functionality with special digital finishing techniques resulted in beautifully intricate perfume packaging.

The Pleats Please L'Élixir packaging is printed on Sappi’s Algro Design showing pleats, but also embossed to give the feeling of pleats on both the product and the packaging.

A classy folding box

The organizers continued: “This carton features intricate embossing that attracts the eye of the consumer while converging with the branding messaging. It expresses both the clear, natural style of the brand as well as luxurious elegance. The finishing with multi-level embossing and a matte lacquer requires considerable experience and technical precision.”

According to the awards jury, the Beauty & Cosmetics category always produces excellent cartons and ideas, and this year was no exception. Elegance and quality were the hallmarks of this carton, along with a design that was clearly recognizable, simple, yet totally effective. The product brand was well displayed with its trademark filigree flower image running across the front and one side of the carton. The bold red and white colours along with the matte feel gives this carton style and sophistication. “Beautifully printed and made, this carton was truly excellent,” states the awards jury.

“The ability for creative packaging designers to push boundaries must be supported by a cartonboard grade that can handle a wide range of production demands, from high quality print to embossing,” says Lars Scheidweiler, Sappi's Product Group Manager Rigid Packaging. “CD Cartondruck chose Algro Design to help it meet brand expectations, confident that it would not only perform but support a standout design that proves that packaging can deliver magical results.”

Europe’s leading award for packaging made of cartonboard, the Pro Carton / ECMA Award, is in its seventeenth year. The celebration of boundary-pushing concepts frequently creates a springboard for new ideas, from sustainable packaging solutions to creative and intricate value added designs. This year’s entry by CD Cartondruck using Algro Design was no exception.

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