Southern Africa


An uncoated paper in low substances with high bulk. Designed for the tobacco industry.

An uncoated paper in low substances. Designed for various flexible packaging applications.

An uncoated paper with anti-mould treatment.

An uncoated paper for waxing.

One side double-coated gloss and anti-mould paper. Designed for soup wrap applications.

One side single-coated gloss paper. Designed for flour and sugar bags.

One side double-coated gloss paper conform with worldwide food regulations. Designed for premium flexible packaging applications.

One side single-coated semi-gloss label paper. Designed for wet glue label applications.

One side double-coated gloss label paper with high print gloss for holograms. Designed for wet-glue bottle labels.

One side single-coated semi-gloss label paper with good dimensional stability and rough back side. Designed for wet-strength wet-glue bottle labels and metallistaion bottle labels in the beverage industry, such as beer and soft drinks.