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This variant of Triple Green Tissue is available in paper towel weights and sizes, with the same sustainable approach to production.

Triple Green Tissue Industrial Wipe is designed for home, office, medical and industrial use, as well as in the hospitality industries.

An uncoated MGBK paper. Designed for interleaving applications (steel, metal, glass or offset plates).

A paperboard (SBB) with symmetrical double coated top- and reverse side. It provides identical print- and finishing performance whenever perfection and an immaculate look and feel is essential.

A paperboard (SBB) with double coated top- and single coated reverse side. The ideal solution for enhanced reverse side printability without having to compromise between packaging protection and print performance.

KraftPride is a 3-ply primary fibre linerboard for corrugated cartons used in rigorous cold chain applications

A heavy duty semi-chemical flute, UltraFlute demonstrates strength and durability to give you high performance and great value.

Designed for lamination onto corrugated and solid boards, this premium topliner is made from 100% virgin fibres and features front side double-coated topliner with functional reverse side coating.

Developed to deliver the brand owner’s message with excellence, LusterCote offers a high level of brightness, print performance and production efficiency.

An uncoated paper with high bulk. Designed for various flexible packaging applications.