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Nathan Gould

Foresters - Westbrook Woodlands Office

Nathan Gould: Forester

Nate Gould has been with Sappi N.A. since 2012, beginning as a Scaler at the Westbrook mill and more recently as a Procurement Forester in southern Maine. Prior to Sappi, he worked as a conventional logger in the mountains of western Maine and held various positions during his many years at Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Nate’s primary role at Sappi is working with landowners on the management of their woodlands. Nate is a 1996 graduate of Mt. Blue High School and Foster Technology Center’s Forestry and Wood Harvesting Program, a 2004 graduate of Unity College with a B.S. in Conservation Law Enforcement, and a 2015 graduate of Thomas College with a MBA. Nate is licensed as a Wood Scaler in the State of Maine, a licensed Weigh Master in the State of New Hampshire, and a Certified Logging Professional. In his spare time, Nate and his family enjoy spending time in the outdoors and relaxing at their camp. Contact: nathan.gould@sappi.com


Charlie Hall

Foresters - Skowhegan Woodlands

Charlie Hall: Manager of the SNA Sustainable Forestry Program

Charlie Hall is the Manager of the Sustainable Forestry Program at SNA. His experience at Sappi includes buying chips for the Somerset Mill under wood procurement. Prior to Sappi, he worked for James River and Crown Vantage in Berlin, New Hampshire. Charlie has a B.S. in Forestry/concentration Wood Technology from the University of Maine. Contact: charles.hall@sappi.com

Forest Briggs

Forest Briggs: Senior Procurement Forester

Forest Briggs is a licensed Maine forester working primarily with private landowners in the southern Penobscot county area. Prior to becoming licensed as a forester in 2006, he spent six years operating timber harvesting equipment for a local contractor. Forest also holds a Maine wood scalers license, a real estate license, and is a Certified Logging Professional. In his free time, he enjoys camping with his wife and two children, gardening, hunting and playing hockey. Forest is a 1997 graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forest Management. Contact: forest.briggs@sappi.com

Cody Lachance

Cody Lachance: Forester

Cody is a licensed forester in the state of Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forestry along with a minor in Business Administration. After graduating with his undergraduate degree, he decided to continue his education at the University of Maine with an M.S. in Forest Resources. Before coming to Sappi, he worked for Weyerhaeuser out of their Bingham office. Cody’s primary role at Sappi is to work with private landowners on the management of their woodlots. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking, carpentry, and spending time with family and friends. Contact: cody.lachance@sappi.com

Lucas Lamond

Lucas Lamond: Forester

Lucas Lamond is a graduate from the University of Maine in Orono with a degree in Forest Operations, Bioproducts and Bioenergy. Lucas has gained experience in the woods over the years while working with his father, who is a licensed forester in the State of Maine. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. Contact: lucas.lamond@sappi.com

Matt McCaslin

Matt McCaslin: Forest Technician

Matt McCaslin is a licensed intern forester in the state of Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine with a B.S. degree doubling majoring in Forestry and Survey Engineering Technology. Before working with Sappi, Matt worked with a logging contractor in southern Maine responsible for small woodlot management. In his current role with Sappi, Matt is working with landowners in southern Maine to manage and maintain their woodlots. In his spare time, Matt enjoys hunting, fly fishing, fly tying, canoeing, and camping with his wife. Contact: matthew.mccaslin@sappi.com

Grace Riitano

Grace Riitano: Forest Technician

Grace Riitano is a graduate from the University of Maine at Fort Kent with an associate’s degree in applied forestry and bachelor degree in business management. Prior to Sappi, she worked at Northwoods Management and Landvest both located in northern Maine. Grace has her intern foresters license in the State of Maine. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, hiking, canoeing, hunting, and spending time with family and friends. Contact: grace.riitano@sappi.com

Stephen Sacks

Stephen Sacks: Forest Technician

Stephen is currently licensed as a forest technician and holds a bachelor’s degree in Forestry as well as a minor in Surveying Engineering Technology from the University of Maine.  Prior to his employment at Sappi, Stephen worked for two years as a forest technician/surveyor’s assistant for Jones Associates in Auburn, Maine.  Stephen primarily works in central to eastern Maine assisting woodlot owners in the management of their properties.  During his non-working hours, Stephen enjoys biking, skiing, playing the fiddle, tinkering with car mechanics, and spending time with his wife. Contact: stephen.sacks@sappi.com

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart: Senior Procurement Forester

Jim Stewart has been a Maine licensed forester for over 30 years in western and southern Maine. Prior to joining Sappi, he worked as a forester for Weyerhaeuser/Plum Creek, AFM, International Paper, and Masonite/USG Industries with experience in forest management and planning, harvesting, and procurement. At Sappi, Jim’s primary role is working with landowners on the management of their woodlands. Jim also holds a Maine wood scaler’s license, is a member of the Society of American Foresters, and a graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forestry. In his free time, Jim enjoys travel, surf-casting, genealogy and history. Contact: jim.stewart@sappi.com

Jeremy Stultz

Jeremy Stultz: Senior Procurement Forester

Jeremy has over 20-years of experience in the woods of northern New England and is a licensed forester in both Maine and New Hampshire. He has worked in several forestry business sectors including industrial, small family-owned and most recently as an owner and manager of a private consulting firm. His primary work area is south-central Maine, but travels frequently to mid-coast Maine as well as northern and eastern New Hampshire and works  with private and public landowners as well as municipalities, land trusts and other timber management organizations. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys camping, canoeing and travel, fishing, hunting, gardening and home improvement projects. Jeremy is a 2000 graduate of the University of Maine. Contact: jeremy.stultz@sappi.com

Bonnie Mercado

Bonnie Mercado: Administrator

Bonnie Mercado has over 43 years of administrative experience and currently works for out Forestry Group in the Maine Stumpage program.  She is responsible for Trip Ticket Reconciliation, Forestry related mailings to various towns and abutting landowners, and orders and maintains operational supplies for the foresters. Bonnie started her career with Sappi in Greenville, Maine, and worked on the last river log drive in the State's history.

Ryan McAvoy

Wood Procurement

Ryan McAvoy: Region Manager

Ryan McAvoy has many years of experience managing wood procurement and forest products. At Sappi, he has managed wood procurement at SNA mills in Maine, Michigan and Minnesota including serving as Procurement Manager of the Northeast Region of Maine, before taking up his current role. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forest Management and is a member of the Society of American Foresters and the Forest Resources Association.

Rick Pembroke

Rick Pembroke: Wood Buyer/Quality Manager

Rick Pembroke supports all phases of wood fiber and wood fuel procurement, purchase, delivery and storage/piledown. Rick currently holds professional State of Maine licenses as a forester and wood scaler. As a woodbuyer/quality manager, he manages all inspections, tracks/reports piledown inventories in external yards, oversees the scalehouse operations, manages all railwood activities and is the safety coordinator for the Wood Procurement Group.

Bryan Savoy

Bryan Savoy: Senior Wood Procurement Manager Somerset

Bryan Savoy is a licensed forester in the State of Maine with 17 years of experience in forest products marketing, forest planning, harvest operations and computer mapping. Bryan has worked with both industrial and small woodlot ownerships across the state. Bryan’s primary role at Sappi is securing open market pulpwood for the Somerset Mill in Skowhegan, Maine, for woodyard operations.  In his spare time Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, skiing and exploring the local lakes. Bryan is a graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forestry. Contact: bryan.savoy@sappi.com

Nathaniel Vir

Nathaniel Vir: Wood Buyer

Nathaniel Vir is a licensed forester in the State of Maine and a member of the Society of American Foresters. Nate worked as a forester and unit manager for Seven Islands Land Company in northern Maine for 5 years before joining Sappi. Until January 2019, Nate was a forester in Sappi’s Forestry Program and worked with private landowner’s in western and central Maine. His primary role as a wood buyer is to work with local suppliers to procure roundwood for the Somerset mill. Nate is also involved with roundwood and chip quality control. Nate grew up around his family's logging business and has always enjoyed working in the woods. In his spare time, he enjoys playing hockey, hiking, drag racing and spending time with family and friends. He is a graduate of the University of Maine with a B.S. in Forest Operations Science and a minor in Business Administration. Contact: nathaniel.vir@sappi.com

Ross Caron

Ross Caron: Wood Buyer

Ross Caron is responsible for buying open market roundwood in NH and Southern Maine.  He is a 1997 graduate of UNH with a BS degree in forestry and is a NH licensed forester, certified logger, certified weighmaster, and Maine licensed log scaler.  Previously, he worked as a log buyer, forester, log scaler, and equipment operator at White Mountain Lumber in Berlin, NH.  He is a partner with his brother in a small sawmill business and enjoys managing his family’s woodlots, hiking, canoeing, reading, wood projects, and learning to play acoustic guitar. Contact: ross.caron@sappi.com

Forest Weston

Forest Weston: Area Manager - West Operations (ME/NH)

Forest Weston manages the purchasing of open market pulpwood, biomass and sawlogs, as well as the Forest Products Sales for the Northeast Region. Currently, he is a licensed forester both in the State of Maine and New Hampshire. Forest has a B.S. in Forestry/Wood Technology from the University of Maine.

Joanne Obert

Joanne Obert: Administrator

With 30 years of experience in Wood Procurement, Joanne Obert is responsible for paying internal vendors, monitoring billing and corrections, reviews rates, and manual ticket entry for all pile down yards in the Northeast and lake States. In her spare time, Joanne enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and horseback riding.

Belinda Trafton

Belinda Trafton: Administrator

Belinda Trafton has over 32 years of administrative experience and is responsible for wood scheduling agreements for both the Northeast and Lake States, insurance requirements for stumpage program and purchasing contractors, federal and state requirements for the Sappi wood truck, purchase orders, payment setup, check requests/advances, and vendor set-up.

Sandy Cooper

Sandy Cooper: Sales and Receivable Administrator

Sandra Cooper has over 30 years of administrative experience.  She is responsible for all external sales of wood for Maine and Minnesota.  In addition, she coordinates the billing payments from wood sales for Maine and Minnesota.  She enjoys ice fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Les Swartz

Les Swartz: Manager Wood Resource Business Systems/Business Process Engineer

Les Swartz has over 29 years of experience working for SNA and is responsible for managing the Administrative team that supports our Wood Procurement group. Les is also responsible for IT troubleshooting in the wood procurement office. From 1979 until his retirement in 2009, Les was an officer in the United States Army. In 2006, he completed a 12-month tour of duty as the Engineer Brigade Commander in Afghanistan under the 10th Mountain Division. He enjoys riding his road bicycle and being in the outdoors.

Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard: Manager - Forest Certification

In January 2018, Rebecca Barnard (B.S. Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Management, and a MBA) was named Manager – Forest Certification, bringing 15 years of forest management experience to improve the control environment around product claims and advance forest policy objectives.  External to her role with Sappi, Rebecca also serves on the Society of American Foresters (SAF) National Policy Committee.  Prior to joining Sappi, she served as the National Forestry Programs Manager for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) from 2013-2018 and as the Forest Certification Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from 2008-2013.  Rebecca enjoys many outdoor activities, such as hunting, biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Larry Godin


Somerset Mill (Skowhegan, Maine)

Larry Godin: Scaling Manager-Somerset Mill

Larry Godin is responsible for recording trip ticket information, scaling 150+ loads of forest products and miscellaneous materials per shift, and directing material to its proper location for unloading. As needed, Larry inspects material for quality and compliance with mill specifications,trains and updates all scalers on SAP, and works with I.T. to resolve SAP and I.T issues that hinder scaling performance. In his career with Sappi, Larry has held many positions in the company, including forester in the procurement group. Larry holds professional licenses in the State of Maine as a Scaler and Forester, and received an A.S. and B.S. in Forest Management from the University of Maine.

Robert Kelso

Robert Kelso: Quality Wood Scaler, Somerset Scalehouse

Bob Kelso is responsible for scaling trucks delivering wood materials to Sappi's Somerset mill. He is a 1989 graduate of the University of Maine with an Associate Degree in Forest Management. In his spare time Bob enjoys spending time with his children doing outdoor activities including hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and rafting.

Gary Welsch

Gary Welsch: Quality Wood Scaler, Westbrook Scalehouse

Gary Welsch has been at the Westbrook Scalehouse since 2016 as a licensed scaler in the State of Maine. Prior to Sappi, he worked as a contract security manager at the Sappi Westbrook Mill for 7 years & served as a security manager for many other clients for 20 years. In his current role with Sappi, he weighs biomass fuel chips, and miscellaneous deliveries. He also assists with inventory management of biomass and coordinates with other mill departments for receiving chemicals. Gary is a 1984 graduate of Miller Place High School in NY & is a US Army veteran  having served with the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)  at Ft Drum, NY from 1986- 1990 & was recalled to active duty during the 1st Gulf War in 1991. Prior to security work, Gary worked as an arborist trimming & clearing power lines for CMP & New England Telephone.   In his spare time, Gary and his family enjoy spending time in the outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, and relaxing at home working on house projects.

Karen Paro

Karen Paro: Quality Wood Scaler, Westbrook Scalehouse

Karen Paro is a licensed wood scaler at our Sappi Westbrook Mill. Her responsibilities include scaling trucks delivering biomass, hardwood pulp and miscellaneous chemicals. Before joining our team she worked at the Gorham Maine Fire Department and was appointed EMS Deputy in the early 1990’s. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and going for walks with her dogs.

Dana Hinkley

Dana Hinkley: Quality Wood Scaler, Ossipee Scalehouse

Dana Hinkley is a NH certified weighmaster and is responsible for scaling and wood yard operations at Sappi’s Ossipee, NH pile down yard. He began his career logging for the Brown Company in 1978 and then was a professional firefighter for the City of Berlin, NH for 20 years. He also designed and developed logger safety training for SFI implementation and has instructed throughout the US. From 2001-2009 he owned and operated Hinkley Timber, a mechanized logging company, and then spent 9 years as a wood yard specialist at TR Dillon’s North Stratford, NH yard. As a single dad, he enjoys spending time with his two sons who he adopted at birth.

Four things really pleased me about SAPPI's harvest of my woodlot: 1) the foresters spent a lot of time with me, including walking the lot 3 times prior to the harvest, kept me informed throughout the harvest, and met with me after the harvest to review the project and make sure I was satisfied; 2) the loggers followed our plan exactly and did a superb job - and they were always happy to talk with me when I stopped by to monitor the project - and they cut 10 cords of firewood for my personal use; 3) the project was completed in all respects exactly as planned and promised; 4) the prices I received were very fair and my money was received promptly after delivery of the wood to the mills.
George A. Smith, Mount Vernon