​Our Employees

The safety, well-being and expertise of all employees is critical to the success of our company. Through our innovative safety culture, health and wellness programs and ongoing training, we are able to attract and retain highly skilled people and help them realize their fullest potential in the organization.

Sappi’s safety vision is simple: zero injuries. That’s why our commitment extends far beyond legal and regulatory compliance to a culture of vigilance. We keep safety at the top of employees’ minds with relevant and actionable programs that challenge them to proactively identify potential hazards. Once potential hazards are identified, teams seek first to understand them and then control and minimize exposures within our operations. Clear and open lines of communication allow us to continually refine our processes. Our three North American paper mills are OHSAS 18001 certified, and our Allentown converting operation is an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program site.

Sappi is committed to introducing new ways for all employees to improve their well-being. We regularly host sessions exploring important wellness topics from managing stress to diet and exercise. Registered dietitians and fitness coaches often visit our workplaces so employees can learn helpful tips on healthy eating, stretching, massage, and other preventative health benefits. Activities like these are just some of the ways we are supporting and inspiring employees to take charge of their well-being.

Investing in training and education prepares our employees for the challenges and opportunities we face today and tomorrow. Our current workforce is skewed toward an older age demographic. As such, we must work hard to attract college graduates and retain young professionals to ensure a sustainable workforce as our long-term, seasoned employees start to retire.

Our manufacturing and business systems are complex, and it is our highly skilled workforce and safety culture that gives us a competitive edge. We are proud to support lifelong learning in both our workforce and in our surrounding communities.
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