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Let’s work together to build relevant, value-adding solutions

Let’s work together to build relevant, value-adding solutions

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Let’s work together to build relevant, value-adding solutions

Our focus is unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, communities, and the planet. But it’s also about unlocking our rich history of ‘firsts’, our significant investment in research and development R&D, as well as the expertise and experience of our multi-talented people.

We leverage these to connect with you and reach a common understanding of real-world challenges. We then move from inspiration to implementation to co-create relevant, next-generation solutions that add value to your business and to our own. The technological breakthroughs are within reach: We just need to work together, invest in them and be bold in adapting them to bring them to market.

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Everyday applications

Everyday applications

Innovation is embedded in Sappi’s DNA. It comes from connecting with our customers and understanding their needs.

From our community liaison officers and sustainability ambassadors. From all our people who think of different solutions to tried and tested ways of doing things every day. Solutions that add financial, societal and environmental value. Solutions that build a resilient, thriving world.

Sustainability at work

Sustainability at work

Like our customers and other stakeholders, we share a vision of an alternative future – a world in which we can breathe clean air and where resources are plentiful, with enough to sustain us all.

To achieve this, we are implementing new technologies that enable more circular business models. We are also focusing on new, competitive technologies to lower energy consumption and increase our use of renewable energy, expanding product lifecycles and reducing waste. And we’re driving programmes that ensure our people and communities share in our success. Join us in actively helping to transform the future.

Collaboration and partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships

Early identification of trends. Persistence and willingness to challenge the status quo. Disruptive technology.

These are the key factors underpinning our approach to collaboration and partnerships. This approach has helped to enhance industry and sustainability standards globally. It’s also helping us to transform the future by collaborating with our partners to drive the renewable innovation that ensures their success as well as our own.

Partner with us

Partner with us

Our long history of continuously innovating and commercialising new products and processes has given us a deep understanding of the innovation process. We work tirelessly to understand the needs of our customers and to meet their every expectation. We aren't afraid of the challenges ahead, so let's partner and transform the future – together.

Focusing on high-value sectors

Ideas are everywhere. But they are only valuable if they can adapt to market supply and demand and have the potential to grow profitability while respecting the boundaries of the planet. We can help you identify those ideas with significant potential and transform them into relevant solutions created from innovative, biobased and renewable materials.

Optimising ROI

We have the expertise, ingenuity and experience to help you optimise your return on investment. Together we can leverage our synergies, co-create and break into new and adjacent industries, which are difficult to enter and have the potential to generate higher margins.

Key areas of collaboration
Barrier and coating applications
Digital printing solutions
Fabric recycling
Packaging and specialties

SI Innovation Quotes

… to succeed in the long term, Sappi needs to be inclusive … [This] means understanding that we all inhabit the same Earth and that we have a responsibility to mitigate our impact on the natural world. It means recognising that we need to participate in helping to solve the pressing challenges facing the world today, including supply chain transparency, biodiversity loss, climate change and social inequality.”

Valli Moosa
Chairman: Sappi Social, Ethics, Transformation and Sustainability (SETS) Committee

Trado provided a unique opportunity to bring two aspects together: a fairer distribution of benefits along a product supply chain as well as higher visibility into the sustainable attributes of packaging. This is a significant step towards the further development and understanding of how technology-driven innovation can support delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Collaboration between multi-nationals, financial institutions and fintech firms can harness new ways to ensure financial flows support fair and just policies and practices ready for a new financial system."

Thomas Verhagen
Senior Programme Manager: University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

No other provider on the market anywhere in the world offers as many solutions and applications as we do. Customers from every part of the globe therefore, put their trust in us and use Sappi material to package their goods.”

Thomas Kratochwill
Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers, Sappi Europe

Manufacturing companies in all industries need to optimise their competitiveness – and Artificial Intelligence can unlock significant potential for value creation in industrial production. We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Sappi OctoBoost to enable the printing industry to take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence for their business in a straightforward manner.”

Fabian Rüchardt
CEO: PerfectPattern

Most anything you can do with a fossil fuel, you can do with the natural cellulose from trees. We are fully engaged in developing innovative new processes, designed to extract more value from each tree and utilize these biomaterials to provide more sustainable and lower-carbon alternatives in textile, packaging, and graphic communication markets.”

Beth Cormier
Vice President: Research, Development and Sustainability, Sappi North America

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