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To reshape Sappi’s future, our 2020Vision draws on the power of One Sappi as we expand beyond pulp and paper to unlock and commercialize the potential of wood fiber-derived bioproducts.

As a longstanding leader and innovator in our industry, we deliver customized solutions for your specific needs.

We don't just supply materials, we deliver sustainable and innovative solutions. Whether you are a brand owner, converter, printer or designer, our specialities and packaging papers give you the advantage you need.

Our market-leading range of products includes:

  • Dissolving wood pulp (DWP) – Sappi is the world’s leading producer of dissolving wood pulp – a highly purified form of cellulose extracted from wood through specialized cellulose chemistry. DWP is the primary input into the manufacture of viscose staple fibre (VSF) which is a natural substitute for cotton and polyester in the textile industry, but is also used in foodstuffs, household products and pharmaceutical products
  • Graphic papers – printed communications remain effective, cost efficient and powerful in delivering messages to and eliciting actions from target audiences
  • Packaging and speciality papers – are playing an increasingly important role in an environmentally conscious world. Sappi offers products and solutions in many different segments including flexible packaging, label papers, functional papers, containerboard, paperboard, silicone base papers, technical papers, tissue papers and casting and release papers (used by suppliers to the fashion, textile, automobile and household industries), and
  • Forestry.

Sappi is also investing in various biochemical technologies:

  • Biomaterials and bio-energy – we’re further diversifying our business to derive additional value from wood, by extracting biorefinery products and producing energy from renewable resources, and
  • Nanocellulose – using wood pulp, we are pioneering low cost cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) production with a unique patented process in line with our intention of seeking new growth opportunities in adjacent and new markets.

We have manufacturing operations on three continents and sell our products in more than 150 countries. This geographic spread of our operations allows us to optimize global knowledge of market developments, operational best practices and technological advancements.

    Through the power of One Sappi — committed to collaborating and partnering with stakeholders — we aim to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with an exciting future in woodfibre.
    Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer, Sappi Limited
    Sappi Europe is de toonaangevende Europese producent van gecoat fijn papier. We hebben 10 fabrieken, 14 verkoopkantoren en 5.700 medewerkers.
    Our roots can be traced back as far as 1854 to the S D Warren Company. Today, we continue the legacy of innovation and quality as a preeminent producer of printing and packaging papers, release paper and dissolving wood pulp.

    Sappi Southern Africa operates four mills and has a combined production capacity of 690,000 tons of paper, 670,000 tons of paper pulp and over a million tons of dissolving wood pulp per annum.

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