Partners in Sustainability

At Sappi, we work with leading brands across the globe to develop renewable resource-based solutions to their sustainability challenges.

Recently we helped Nestlé develop an innovative recyclable paper wrapper to replace their traditional foils and plastic. We’ve also collaborated with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Italy to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 8% through the replacement of conventional mineral fillers with biobased fibers in automotive components. Our partnership with HP Indigo saw advancements in the flexible packaging market with fully recyclable, paper-based, sealable soup pouches.

Nestlé opens up a new, sustainable wrapper

Nestlé’s recent snack bar launch is wrapped in a recyclable paper developed in collaboration with Sappi and Constantia Flexibles. The barrier paper for such wrappers—also designed for use on high-speed packaging machines—was created as part of an effort to make all their packaging recyclable or reusable over the next few years. It is critically important to address non-recyclable packaging challenges without compromising on food protection and shelf life. This work has been an important step toward more sustainable products and provides an innovative solution for confectionary packaging.

Fiat drives forward with Symbio

Fiat Chrysler was looking for a lightweight, bio-composite material to reduce the weight of their cars, and we had just the solution. We partnered with Fiat Chrysler and others to bring our Symbio bio-composite cellulose fiber to car interiors. This Symbio material is derived from responsibly managed, renewable forests and can be used to replace traditional materials in automotive components.