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Gratkorn to benefit from significant upgrade as part of Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s strategic cost reduction plan. The investment at Sappi’s Gratkorn Mill will focus on upgrading pulp production facilities as well as improving papermaking capabilities to secure a significantly lower cost base for the mill. The announcement supports Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s continued drive for cost leadership and improved profitability.
It's official. After $170 million in expenditures and a sparse one-year construction period, Sappi Fine Paper's capital conversion project -- dubbed "Project Athena" after the patroness of weaving -- was officially declared fully functioning and on budget this week
Sappi Making New, Versatile Product
Cloquet Mill Makes Worldwide Expansion
Cloquet Pulp Mill Converted to Produce Specialised Cellulose Safely, On Time, Within Budget, and Exceeding Quality Specifications
Sappi Fine Paper North America today announced the tenth episode of its humorous online video series, Off Register™ on The Flo Channel, entitled "Improving the Workplace" which spoofs the often mundane team-building exercises at the office
Sappi Netherlands B.V., Sappi Nijmegen B.V., the central works council of Sappi Netherlands and the works council of Sappi Nijmegen enter into an information and consultation agreement
Latest Editions to White Paper Series Cover the Life Cycle Assessment of Paper Products
Antilope Cardboard - a division of the Antilope graphical media group, based in Lier Belgium has won the Ecma Award 2013 in the Beauty & Cosmetics category. Antilope's choice to use Sappi’s Algro Design bright white carton board and the use of special digital finishing technologies resulted in a beautifully intricate perfume packaging.
In light of continuous and sustained increases in costs of raw materials, Sappi Fine Paper Europe will be raising its SBS board prices by 75 €/ton effective 15 November 2013.