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Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne Design
Joey’s Corner

2005, 2006, 2008 & 2009 Grant Recipient
2005 Judge

Since 1981 Michael Osborne Design has undertaken hundreds of pro-bono design projects for non-profit groups. After many years of working on these projects, in between the firm’s regular client work, Michael recognized that there was a real need for sustained support for his non-profit clients. As a result, he developed a plan to create a separate non-profit design firm that would provide services for other charity-based non-profit groups. And so, this ‘new model’ design firm, Joey's Corner, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was founded with an Ideas that Matter grant in 2006. Joey’s Corner honors the life of Michael’s deceased son, Joseph Michael Osborne, 1980-2004, and is funded by donations, fund-raising events, and whenever possible, underwritten by a sponsor or by the non-profit client.

Typically, non-profit organizations cannot afford a professional graphic designer. However, they often realize that strategic design solutions can help them communicate in a professional, consistent manner—supporting their mission and enabling goals, such as enhancing public awareness and attracting new donors.

“Graphic design is a powerful communication tool when used effectively and can be a huge benefit for nonprofits; especially when the partnership is managed professionally, consistently and with the same attention and focus as other, for profit client projects. Joey's Corner is a prime example of how graphic design can be used to help an organization communicate their valuable message in an effective, consistent, and powerful way.”

There is nothing more gratifying than designing projects for dedicated, hard working non-profit organizations doing the most important work in the world, with the most incredible people I’ve ever met.
Michael Osborne