Galerie Lite Bulk

Galerie Lite Bulk

High bulk levels provide Impressive rigidity and thickness even in light and ultra light basis weights.

High bulk papers give the impression of a thicker, stiffer paper but at the same weight as a standard paper. This allows you to either increase perceived value through extra bulk or reduce mailing and production costs through the use of lower basis weights without sacrificing quality.

Quality and Consistency
Galerie Lite Bulk is produced in our European mills meeting the highest quality and environmental standards.

Global Availability
Galerie Lite Bulk is available globally ensuring your message can be consistently represented wherever your audience is.

Reduced print production and distribution costs
Low and ultra low basis weights as standard
Excellent opacity
Non-glossy matt surface
Bulk of 1.4
Weight range 39 – 54 g/m²
Print process 
Heat-set web offset
Basis weights text 
39 g/m²
42 g/m²
45 g/m²
48 g/m²
51 g/m²
54 g/m²
Product type 
Printing papers
Produced in 
Trade Region
Limited availability FSC® Mix (FSC-C014955)
For full certification details please see the technical datasheets
End Uses
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Magazines
  • Promotional communications

EU - Print Detail Vertical Rail

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