Functional Papers

Sappi’s functional papers comprise a range of paper-based solutions with integrated functionalities.

This includes mineral oil barrier and heat sealing functions in our coated Algro Guard M and uncoated Leine Guard M papers. Such features underpin these products’ success in food industry applications, particularly in packaging for dry and fatty foods.

For multi- or single-wall bag applications, LusterPrint offers a combination of high-end printing and grease resistance across a variety of end-uses.

All functional paper grades are recyclable and available as FSC and PEFCTM certified on request.

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Mineral oil barrier paper Back to top

With features tailored for use in food industry, this one side coated paper is ideal for use with rice, pasta, cereal and chocolate.

Designed especially for the food industry, this uncoated paper with mineral oil barrier and heat sealing function is ideal for dry and fatty food.

Grease resistant bag paper Back to top

A proven winner for multi, or single wall bag applications, LusterPrint is the clay coated outer ply, providing a high-end printing surface and grease resistance.