evian display using Fusion topliner of Sappi wins German Packaging Award

For the flap display of beverage brand evian®, Swiss company Model AG came up with a smart idea using Sappi's environmentally friendly bright white topliner.

The easy-to-assemble flap display for Evian-Volvic Suisse SA was conceived as a means of replacing metal with corrugated cardboard. Model AG, based in Weinfelden, Switzerland, was tasked with replacing the previous metal display with a floor display made from corrugated cardboard to reduce costs and shipping weight, as well as to make the display easier to assemble. The company chose Fusion of Sappi for the topliner because of its outstanding material properties and processing characteristics. The success of the display and its design concept proves that Fusion topliner was the right choice: the evian® display recently won the German Packaging Award 2015 in the category of Display and Promotional Packaging. 

"The composition of Fusion topliner (180 g/m2) makes it more elastic than other papers and the edges stay perfect even after bending. In other words, its optimum virgin fibre composition means that the paper doesn't break at folded edges," says Andreas Benninger, Leader at Model Crea. "This award validates that our innovative solutions are being noticed in the German market. It was also exciting to see the change in the ecological and economic factors when offset-laminated corrugated cardboard is used instead of metal."

"The aim was to create a unit on which different formats could be displayed,” adds Sara Masciave, Junior Brand Manager at Evian-Volvic Suisse SA. "The labels on the side (Mini: 330ml / Move: 500ml / Sport: 750ml / One: 1l) indicate at a glance that each format has a specific purpose such as the practical 750ml bottle with a drinking closure for sports."

Display concept designed to save materials

The Flap display solution was developed at the Model Innovation and Competence Center (ICC) and accommodates three different, readily accessible bottle sizes that can easily be removed from the stand. The display, designed by design agency 29-degrees, can be transported to the point of sale flat with just a few pre-cut parts, and then quickly and easily assembled and filled. The sidewalls of the display are reinforced for added stability. The low-resource use of materials and the ingenious technical implementation using 100% corrugated cardboard impressed the jurors from the German Packaging Institute (DVI), who judged the display as a compact and elegant point of sale solution.

The properties of Fusion topliner met the requirements of the corrugated cardboard construction of the evian® display in every respect. By opting for offset-laminated corrugated cardboard, Model AG designed a concept for customers who prefer extremely fast unpacking and assembly to reduce costs. It requires very little material, since the glued attachment of the tray support in the shell gives the display added stability and rigidity. The material-saving design and ultra-quick assembly make the display a low-cost choice for evian® and its retailers.

Using bleached white virgin fibres (100% primary fibres) and relying on the know-how in the production of bright white speciality papers and carton board for which Sappi is recognized, Fusion has set the standard in the corrugated cardboard market. Especially with the low grammage paper now available, corrugated cardboard displays provide new inspiration and utility with a focus on the brightest whites, vibrant printing, harmonious surfaces and edges, lower process costs and transport volumes, and food safety. Because stringent specifications are established for Fusion, customers can absolutely rely on its consistent performance for lamination, printing, print finishing, and finally, on store shelves or at the point of sale.

About Model AG

Model AG, based in Weinfelden, Switzerland, is the oldest and largest corrugated cardboard factory operated by the Model Group. The Weinfelden site is also the birthplace of the entire group. One of the world's most productive corrugated cardboard machines, latest-generation processing machines including a digital printing machine for large print runs, a fully automated high bay warehouse with 10 000 pallet spaces, a dedicated fleet of trucks and an experienced, innovative team make this site one of the most highly-performing operations in the industry. The products available from Model Weinfelden range from simple transport packaging to the highest-quality finished displays.