Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Recognising that we live in a world where natural resources are under increasing pressure, we aim to lighten our environmental footprint.

We focus on:


We are advantaged by the fact that our primary raw material is woodfibre, a renewable, recyclable natural resource. The sustainably managed forests and plantations from which we source woodfibre are essential to a healthy environment, sustaining vital plants and wildlife, filtering our water and air, and reducing greenhouse gases by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Forests are the largest storehouses of carbon after oceans. The carbon they store in their biomass, soils and products is equivalent to about 10 per cent of carbon emissions projected for the first half of this century. At the same time, deforestation and land-use changes account for 17 per cent of human-generated carbon dioxide emissions.
Ban-ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General, message on the International Day of Forests 2015

We hold ourselves accountable to global sustainability best practice standards by transparently measuring, monitoring and communicating our economic, social and environmental performance.

Our ability to deliver value creation for our shareholders by focusing on improved profitability, strategic positioning and debt reduction lies at the heart of our commitment to sustainability.

Active corporate citizenship programmes relevant to the needs of the communities where we operate ensure that we promote socio-economic development within these communities.