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Sappi does not distribute this personal information to any third party unless it is informed to do so by the said third party or is required in terms of the law. Please see below the various Sappi Privacy Notices which set out how we will process your personal information these notices describe in detail how we at Sappi use and safeguard your personal information as per Section 18 of POPIA. 

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Operator agreements

Where any person processes personal information on behalf of Sappi as an Operator as defined under POPIA, then the Sappi standard Operator Agreement/Addendum will apply to such processing. 

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South African Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 and Request for Information including Personal Information and the right to exercise your rights under POPIA

Should you require any information from Sappi, including Personal Information, such request must be made using our standard PAIA request format, described in the below-mentioned PAIA Manual. 

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Contact Details of Information Officers

  • Information officier – Maarten van Hoven
  • Deputy Information Officers – Amanda Tregoning and Markie Jasen van Rensburg
  • Email address –
  • Telephone number - +27 (0) 11 407 8111
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If you want to communicate with us, including:

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please see the forms which are available for this purpose below: 

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Should a dispute arise as a result of or in connection with this website, any party that may access this website agrees and acknowledges that such a dispute shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa, and shall be enforced by the Courts of the Republic of South Africa. Sappi reserves the right to revisit and revise the legal information on its website at any stage and for any reason without prior notice. Sappi continues to monitor its compliance with the applicable laws and with those non-binding rules, codes and standards.

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Sappi has taken all appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of its website, information and related matter. No warranties, whether express or applied, is given to any available content or material that may be downloaded on its website is free of any virus, trojan or any other form of malicious software.

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In no event will Sappi be liable for any damage or loss that may arise out of the direct or indirect use of this website.

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Sappi subscribes to and complies with the Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 and the King IV Report.

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