Aiding local schools in Germany

Seeding and growing human potential is at the heart of sustainability at Sappi — beginning with our own people and extending to the communities where we operate around the world. In Europe, we are especially focused on programmes that support youth.

Ehingen mill southeast of Stuttgart, Germany is one of our most advanced facilities, producing chlorine-free sulphite pulp from beech and spruce wood, mainly for our own paper production. The over 500 employees onsite have made investing in educational opportunity the priority for community engagement.  

The mill has established formal co-operation contracts with select partner schools to provide learning and career opportunities of all kinds. From offering mill tours for classes, traditional papermaking instruction, support for school festivals to offering internships for exciting careers in our industry, Ehingen is seeding and growing the potential of Germany’s next generation.   

And that’s not all. The mill also donated nearly 3.6 tons of paper in 2019, with the majority going to support local schools in various forms from drawing paper for kindergarten students to paper for student newspapers.